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Explore our range of cutting-edge systems and presses from SCREEN, Kyocera, Komori, and GIP, designed for diverse printing applications including books, educational materials, print on demand, and high-volume printing. Experience unmatched quality, speed, and reliability in digital printing with Thunderbolt's advanced solutions.

Digital Inkjet Printing Presses

General Inkjet Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is your go-to partner for comprehensive inkjet solutions. Specialising in system software development, manufacturing of inkjet core system equipment, and pioneering research in new materials and processes, GIP offers tailored inkjet solutions across diverse industries. From on-demand publishing to label and packaging, decor paper printing, textile printing, and food printing, GIP is committed to meeting the unique needs of each industry with cutting-edge technology and expertise.

Harpy R440 Series

Introducing the Harpy R440 Series, a cutting-edge inkjet digital printing system designed for diverse printing applications including publications, documents, educational materials, and package instructions. With the latest APPE printing engine and Agfa’s extensive colour management expertise, printing becomes simpler, more precise, and highly reliable.

Key Benefits:
  • Highly flexible paper feeding unit supporting media up to 440mm in width.
  • Imported high-precision industrial printheads ensuring outstanding printing quality with resolutions up to 1200dpi.
  • Impressive printing speed of up to 100m/min.
  • Utilises eco-friendly water-based pigment inks for superior stability and environmental performance.
  • Fully integrated with Agfa Apogee prepress workflow system for enhanced reliability and streamlined operations.

Harpy R440 HD Series

The Harpy R440 HD Series is an advanced inkjet digital printing system engineered for various applications including publications, documents, educational materials, and package instructions. With a stunning resolution of 1200dpi*1200dpi, it delivers delicate images and crisp text, ensuring exceptional print quality on coated paper.

Key Benefits:
  • Highly flexible paper feeding unit supporting media up to 440mm in width, facilitating seamless switching between different paper specifications.
  • Utilises imported high-precision industrial printheads for outstanding printing quality, offering resolutions up to 1200*1200dpi.
  • Achieves printing speeds of up to 80m/min, maintaining high productivity without compromising quality.
  • Features eco-friendly water-based pigment inks from General Inkjet Printing, ensuring superior stability and environmental performance.
  • Fully integrated with the Agfa Apogee prepress workflow system for enhanced reliability and simplified equipment operations.

Harpy R520C4 HD

The Harpy R520C4 HD is a cutting-edge inkjet digital printing system designed for diverse applications including publications, documents, educational materials, and package instructions. With configurable options of 1200dpi*1200dpi, it delivers intricate images and precise text, ensuring top-tier print quality on various substrates.

Key Benefits:
  • Highly flexible paper feeding unit supporting media up to 535mm in width, catering to a wide range of printing needs.
  • Utilises imported 1200dpi high-precision industrial printheads for exceptional printing quality, offering resolutions up to 1200*1200dpi.
  • Achieves impressive printing speeds of up to 150m/min, ensuring high productivity without compromising quality.
  • Features eco-friendly water-based pigment inks from General Inkjet Printing, delivering superior stability and environmental performance.
  • Fully integrated with the Agfa Apogee prepress workflow system for enhanced reliability and simplified equipment operations, backed by advanced printhead control technology for efficient maintenance and energy-efficient performance.
Komori logo

Komori Printing Solutions stands as a stalwart in the industry, boasting a century of expertise and innovation. Their extensive product lineup caters comprehensively to diverse markets and industries, encompassing cutting-edge machinery, equipment, maintenance products, and cloud solutions. Evolving from its roots in offset printing, Komori now offers holistic solutions. Central to this evolution is their meticulously crafted Impremia series of digital equipment, emblematic of their commitment to precision and excellence in every aspect of printing technology. 

Impremia IS29s UV Inkjet Press

The Impremia IS29s UV Inkjet Press, catering to the B2+ inkjet market, redefines digital printing boundaries, seamlessly addressing the needs of commercial and packaging print sectors. Excelling in scenarios requiring short runs, diverse SKUs, rapid turnarounds, and heightened productivity, the IS29s embodies efficiency. Komori’s LED-UV Inkjet Press, showcasing reliability, high quality, and substrate versatility, amplifies these core competencies. With the capability to print a broader gamut using four colours, achieving speeds up to 3000 sph simplex / 1500 sph duplex, and accommodating the widest array of substrates and thicknesses on a 23″x29” (B2+) sheet, the IS29s emerges as the quintessential digital print solution.

Key Benefits:
  •  Double-sided, one-pass printing with register accuracy comparable to offset presses, enabling seamless integration into existing production workflows.
  • Wide substrate compatibility, allowing printing on high-quality papers including synthetic, metallic, coloured, and embossed varieties, expanding the scope of printable materials.
  • Enhanced productivity and reduced turnaround times, with the ability to output up to 3,000 sheets per hour of sizes up to 585 x 750 mm at a resolution of 1,200 dpi.
  • Simplified operation and reduced need for specialised skills, making it accessible even to new employees and enabling operators to oversee multiple processes simultaneously.
  • Excellent colour stability, ensuring consistent and reliable printing results, with minimal colour fluctuation, rivalling the stability of offset printing for repeat jobs.

Impremia NS40 Inkjet Press

The NS40 revolutionises the digital print landscape, introducing Nanographic Inks on a B1 sheet size. Boasting remarkable productivity and profitability, it meets the burgeoning demand for short to medium runs, including variable data printing and versioning, ensuring swift turnarounds for commercial, packaging, displays, and point of purchase products. With the ability to reproduce colours using up to 7 colours, coupled with its B1 sheet size and impressive speed of 6500 sph, the NS40 seamlessly integrates into almost any conventional workflow, significantly enhancing overall print operation efficiency.
Key Benefits:
  • Excellent post-press compatibility allows for seamless integration with common processes like offline aqueous press coating, lamination, punching, and folding, expanding the range of finishing options.
  • Wide compatibility with various papers, enabling printing on standard offset substrates without the need for special paper or precoats, ensuring versatility in print applications.
  • Revolutionary nano pigment technology using Landa NanoInk® ensures sharp, abrasion-resistant, high-speed printing with instant ink bonding to the substrate, suitable for commercial substrates including coated and uncoated paper, paperboard, plastic, and speciality substrates.
  • High productivity with printing speeds of 6,500 sph, combined with the ability to handle short turnarounds and heavy use of special colours, making it ideal for packaging and other short to medium print runs.
  • Simplified operation with no need to change plates or ink, ensuring efficiency and profitability for a wide range of print jobs compared to standard offset presses.
Kyocera logo

 For over six decades, Kyocera Document Solutions has empowered businesses with its trailblazing printers, multifunctional products, and bespoke solutions, enabling them to harness knowledge effectively. As a trusted partner, Kyocera remains committed to driving progress and facilitating growth for enterprises worldwide.

TASKalfa Pro 15000c

Introducing a paradigm shift in high-speed printing, the TASKalfa Pro 15000c leverages over six decades of digital proficiency and industry insight to cater to your high-volume printing demands. This state-of-the-art inkjet production printer delivers unparallelled speed, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional printing methods in transactional, trans-promotional, and direct mail scenarios. Engineered for both speed and reliability, it incorporates cutting-edge print head and ink technologies meticulously crafted by Kyocera. Designed to fortify the future of your enterprise, it elevates your reputation while ensuring swift and enduring returns on investment.

Key Benefits:
  • Ensure reliable media transport with large-capacity vacuum feed trays.
  • Experience dependable performance in demanding environments with a robust, durable design.
  • Benefit from high-quality components, including Kyocera’s proven inkjet head.
  • Simplify operation with an intuitive touch-panel interface.
  • Easily conduct maintenance and fine adjustments with user-friendly features.

TASKalfa Pro 55000c

Introducing the TASKalfa Pro 55000c, Kyocera’s latest commercial inkjet production printer designed to redefine the standards of print quality and versatility in the industry. Building upon Kyocera’s rich legacy of inkjet innovation, this printer supports a wide range of media, including offset coated paper, essential for high-resolution output in brochures, books, direct mail, and more.

Key Benefits:
  • Unparallelled Print Quality: Achieve comparable print quality to offset printing with smooth and rich colour reproduction, high-definition printing, and precise line and text reproduction using Kyocera’s advanced 1,200dpi inkjet heads and edge smoothing technology.
  • Exceptional Speed: Print at an impressive rate of 150 SRA3 pages per minute, ensuring high productivity and meeting the demands of fast-paced commercial printing environments.
  • Versatility: Excel in various applications including high-end graphics, marketing collateral, cookery and children’s books, photo books, and more, thanks to its ability to handle both coated and uncoated stock of up to 400gsm.
  • Advanced Technology: Benefit from the infrared curing unit and water-based SC/SC+ inks for instant ink curing, enabling 24/7 printing capabilities and ensuring durability, sustainability, and versatility.
  • Reliability: With a duty cycle catering to heavy usage and minimal service intervals, the TASKalfa Pro 55000c offers excellent uptime and reliability, making it an ideal choice for demanding commercial printing environments.

SCREEN offers a comprehensive range of high-speed inkjet presses tailored to diverse print applications. As a leader in printing innovation, SCREEN provides cutting-edge technologies to empower printing operations and enhance profitability. With a focus on streamlining processes and improving production quality, SCREEN ensures that printers can excel in their respective markets with the latest advancements and continuous upgrades across all product categories.

Truepress Jet520HD Series

The Truepress Jet520HD series of high-definition inkjet web presses redefines the possibilities of inkjet printing, delivering lifelike images that push boundaries. With a true resolution of 1,200 dpi and meticulous control over droplet size, these printers within the Truepress Jet520HD family attain the precise colours, textures, details, and solid ink areas essential for premium publication and commercial projects. Particularly for direct mail advertising, the enhanced design options elevate response rates in personalised marketing campaigns, positioning each Truepress Jet520HD system as a compelling alternative to offset/digital hybrid and toner-based production methods.

Key Benefits:
  • Revolutionary drying process: Incorporates NIR dryer with low-heat 3-stage drying technique, including a heated drum and air knife, ensuring efficient drying while minimising energy consumption and issues with excessive heat.
  • Offset quality on standard offset coated stocks: With high-density pigments across all colours, the Truepress Jet520HD series delivers offset-like quality on a wide range of papers, including standard offset coated stocks, eliminating the need for expensive inkjet-treated paper and primer.
  • Variable droplet size control: Maximises print quality and minimises ink consumption by allowing variable droplet sizes to achieve sharp details, realistic colours, and solid ink areas, ensuring exceptional image reproduction.
  • Wider paper stock capabilities: Offers compatibility with a wide range of paper stocks, from 40 to 250 gsm, providing flexibility and versatility for various printing applications and requirements.
  • JetInspection for superior defect detection: Screen’s dedicated inspection system performs real-time inspection of variable images across all pages, ensuring high-quality output by detecting defects and allowing for corrective measures to be taken promptly.
Screen Truepress Jet 520HD series

Truepress Jet 520HD Mono

Introducing the next-generation monochrome inkjet press, optimized specifically for offset coated papers, the Truepress Jet520 series continues to be the choice of numerous printing companies globally. This high-speed, roll-to-roll inkjet press, now part of the renowned series, stands as a pinnacle of innovation, revolutionizing the printing landscape. Powered by Truepress ink SC, these water-based inks enable direct output onto offset coated papers, accommodating a wide array of production needs—from data printing to on-demand creation of various media types. Boasting exceptional throughput of up to 150 meters per minute and pristine quality courtesy of its 1,200 dpi high-precision inkjet printheads, the Truepress Jet520HD mono ensures sharp reproduction of characters and barcodes, as well as enhanced gradation expression in images. Seamless integration with post-process devices and enhanced automation further elevate usability and productivity, making this system a game-changer for the industry.

Key Benefits:
  •  Exceptional throughput and quality: Achieves speeds of up to 150 meters per minute with outstanding quality enabled by 1,200 dpi high-precision inkjet printheads, ensuring sharp reproduction of characters, barcodes, and rich gradations in images.
  • Direct printing onto offset coated papers: Utilizes Truepress ink SC, enabling direct printing onto offset coated papers, supporting various production types from data printing to on-demand printing, including overprinting on preprinted direct mail and creating books using offset-type papers.
  • Built-in camera system for uniformity: JetInspection automatically checks and adjusts density variations between printheads to ensure uniformity, integrating seamlessly with the transfer system to enhance performance and stability.
  • Enhanced usability with tablet control: All operations, from job registration to final printing, can be performed from a tablet device, simplifying tasks such as paper data preregistration and settings adjustments, thereby increasing onsite efficiency and maximizing operating ratios.
  • Small installation footprint: Features the smallest installation footprint of any press in the Truepress Jet520 series, making it suitable for locations with limited space while maintaining high-speed roll transport with precision and reliability.
Truepress Jet 520HD Mono

Truepress Jet520NX Series

Entering a new era of printing, the Truepress Jet520NX seamlessly blends functionality and performance to meet the evolving demands of the industry. Building upon over a decade of innovation since the debut of the original Truepress 520, Screen’s latest offering, the Truepress Jet520NX, embodies the brand’s commitment to unparallelled quality and steadfast reliability at high speeds. Inheriting the core principles and advanced capabilities of its predecessors, this press caters to the transaction market while introducing a plethora of new functions tailored to support emerging applications. With rapid throughput capabilities, it addresses the growing need for quick turnarounds in today’s dynamic printing landscape.

Key Benefits:
  •  Unrivaled quality and speed: The Truepress Jet520NX features a head-of-the-class five-inch printhead module delivering unprecedented quality up to 600 x 900 dpi resolution and speeds of up to 150 meters per minute, ensuring high-quality, stable printing with reduced printhead gap.
  • “Xross-over” printhead configuration: Unique printhead design efficiently handles both monochrome and full-color printing, with CYM printheads capable of being parked to reduce ink consumption during monochrome printing, while extra printheads can be installed for specific function inks like MICR.
  • Next-generation full-color inkjet printing: Offers faster speeds, higher resolution, and more flexibility than any high-speed, full-color variable inkjet system in use, providing superior transactional printing capabilities.
  • Easy operation and maintenance: The small footprint allows for flexible space configurations, and maintenance can be performed without cutting paper, while print operation is effortless through a user-friendly touch panel.
  • Smart Print Manufacturing integration: Partnered with Solimar, the Truepress Jet520NX integrates SOLitrack with EQUIOS workflow, offering excellent job progress visualization, equipment status monitoring, and flexible automation, ensuring an ideal workflow environment for any customer.
Screen Truepress Jet520NX Series
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