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From a diverse range of flexo printing plates to state-of-the-art computer-to-plate systems from Miraclon and SCREEN, Thunderbolt provides everything you need to excel in flexographic printing. With our advanced CtP software, we empower flexo printers to achieve unmatched precision, efficiency, and quality in their printing processes.

Flexo Printing Plates

Miraclon logo

Miraclon was formed from Kodak’s former flexogrpahic packaging division and is a standalone company.

Miraclon is the home of KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions and the only Kodak presence in the flexo space.


Introducing FLEXCEL NXC Plates, revolutionising flexographic printing on corrugated board with unparallelled flexibility and high-quality results. Engineered for direct print applications on various board types with water-based inks, these plates tackle a wide range of graphic challenges from simple designs to complex artwork. Key features include Thermal Imaging Layer technology for high-resolution imagery, stable ink transfer, and a convenient kit format for seamless plate creation, ensuring standout performance and visual impact.

Key Benefits:
  • Award-winning FLEXCEL NX System drives outstanding shelf impact at the lowest total delivered cost, offering impactful reproduction with minimal complexity and downtime.
  • Unique technology includes FLEXCEL NX Thermal Imaging Layer-R for rapid, high-resolution imaging and stable plate exposure, enabling precise dot replication and advanced surface patterning.
  • Exceptional quality and performance with lower durometer plates providing full tonal reproduction, low dot gain, and robust on-press performance, enhancing visual impact and minimising fluting.
  • Maximum versatility for printing with water-based inks on various corrugated board types, suitable for simple to complex graphic reproduction requirements.
  • Speed and ease of use with wide exposure latitude, efficient drying times, and easy mounting, ensuring increased consistency, productivity, and print quality while meeting demanding production schedules.


FLEXCEL SRC and FLEXCEL SRC-K Plates are specially crafted low-durometer photopolymer plates tailored for halftone reproduction on coarse board surfaces. These plates ensure uniform conformity to the printing substrate, resulting in smooth ink laydown and reliable tonal reproduction. With a tack-free surface, these plates not only enhance print quality but also minimise press downtime, maintaining consistent performance throughout their lifespan.
Key Benefits:
  • Versatility: Designed to print on corrugated board and compatible with a wide variety of inks, including water-based, solvent-based, UV-cured, and cationic inks, making them ideal for any job.
  • Efficiency and Process Improvement: Thicker SRC-K Plates feature a unique construction that allows for the removal of unexposed photopolymer prior to processing, resulting in more efficient processing and reduced chemistry consumption.
  • Speed and Ease of Use: FLEXCEL SRC and SRC-K Plates offer fast imaging and processing speeds, wide exposure latitude, and short drying times, ensuring productivity and ease of mounting, while their high resistance to ozone, wear, and abrasion make them ideal for repeat jobs.
Lucky Huaguang Graphics Company logo

Huaguang Printing Plates, made in Henan Province, China, have become a very popular product with some of the highest production sales worldwide.
Exporting to more than 100 countries and regions, our analogue and CTP Huaguang plates have proven themselves time and time again and are supplied to some of the most prestigious, award-winning printers here in South Africa.

Digital Flexo Plate

The Huaguang Digital Flexographic Printing Plate is a high-quality solution for flexo printing needs.
Key Benefits:
  • High-Quality Performance: Utilising high-end flexo-printing technology, these plates are suitable for various applications including food, pharmaceutical, and flexible package printing. Their smooth printing, simple plate-making process, and superior ink transfer make them ideal for labels, notebook lines, preprinting, and more.
  • Economical Efficiency: With fast and convenient operation, a long lifespan, and high printing speeds, these plates offer a cost-effective solution for your printing requirements.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with all laser systems suitable for imaging flexo printing plates, and suitable for use with both water and alcohol-based inks, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

Flexo Computer-to-Plate Systems

Miraclon logo


FLEXCEL NX Wide 5080 System

The FLEXCEL NX Wide 5080 System is renowned in the market for seamlessly integrating high-volume capabilities with large-format applications, offering extensive advantages for enhancing productivity while minimizing waste. With the 5080, you can capitalize on large format production, optimize plate layouts for efficiency, enjoy user-friendly operation, and experience impressive imaging speed.

Key Benefits:
  • Large Format Advantage: Market-proven for high-volume and large-format applications, the system offers benefits including large format production, efficient plate layouts, operator-friendly functionality, and impressive imaging speed.
  • Unmatched Technology: With unique imaging technology, including the NX Advantage and KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, the system ensures unsurpassed quality output with zero impact on productivity, offering consistent, efficient, and compelling results.
  • Complete Solution: The system includes innovative hardware, software, and consumables, delivering a powerful performance with seamless integration. Backed by Miraclon’s world-class service and support, it provides a best-in-class solution for high-definition flexo printing that exceeds expectations.

FLEXCEL NX Wide 4260 / 3548 System

Experience the pinnacle of efficient large-format plate layout and production with the FLEXCEL NX Wide 4260/3548 System. Featuring advanced edge detection for seamless media handling and a hassle-free installation process, it embodies the intersection of versatility and top-notch imaging, enabling remarkable print efficiencies and unparalleled print quality. Setting the standard for high-volume operations, its compact footprint epitomizes achieving maximum output with minimal space.

Key Benefits:
  • Efficient Large-Format Production: The system enables efficient large-format plate layout and production, with enhanced edge detection for easy media handling and streamlined installation, making it perfect for high-volume operations with its compact footprint.

  • Unmatched Technology: With unique FLEXCEL NX imaging technology and KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, the system ensures unsurpassed quality output with zero impact on productivity, offering consistent, efficient, and compelling results.

  • Complete Solution: Designed to work seamlessly together, the system delivers powerful performance with innovative hardware, software, and consumables, backed by Miraclon’s world-class service and support, providing a best-in-class solution for high-definition flexo printing

FLEXCEL NX Mid / Narrow System

Introducing the KODAK FLEXCEL NX Mid/Narrow Imager, designed with a compact footprint and cutting-edge hardware to offer remarkable speed and unexpected versatility tailored for dependable small format applications. With the added advantage of imaging flexo and thermal offset plates seamlessly, the Hybrid Option optimally utilises your time and investment.

Key Benefits:
  • Smart Footprint: The FLEXCEL NX Mid/Narrow Imager features a smart footprint and the latest hardware, delivering exceptional speed and surprising versatility for reliable small format applications, maximising efficiency and productivity.
  • Unmatched Technology: With unique FLEXCEL NX imaging technology and KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, the system ensures unsurpassed quality output with zero impact on productivity, providing consistent, efficient, and compelling results.
  • Fast Imaging Speed: FLEXCEL NX Imagers expose the FLEXCEL NX Thermal Imaging Layer at breathtaking speed, ensuring highly efficient and cost-effective plate making, making it an ideal choice for repeat jobs.

SCREEN is the leading Computer-to-Plate (CTP) system manufacturer and provides CTP solutions for all press sizes and throughput requirements. With over 22 000 CTP devices running worldwide, their CTP machines are known for their reliability and longevity.

PlateRite FX N Series

The PlateRite FX N Series is a range of high-performance CtP recorders from SCREEN designed to streamline plate-making processes and enhance print quality for flexographic and letterpress printing applications.

Key Benefits:
  • High Quality: Achieve truer colours, sharper details, and smoother gradations with the PlateRite FX N Series, ensuring consistently high-quality printing even in the highlight and shadow areas.
  • Easy Operation: These systems are user-friendly, reliable, and based on over 25 years of experience in CtP technology, offering simple plate loading mechanisms and intuitive controls for seamless operation.
  • Superior Workflow: With inline UV LEDs and direct imaging of photopolymer plates, the PlateRite FX N Series eliminates the need for intermediate processing steps, enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing manual operations.
  • High-end Screening: Accommodating various screening methods and offering a maximum output resolution of 4,800 dpi, the PlateRite FX N Series delivers superior halftone dot reproduction for exceptional print quality.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By eliminating the need for film and other intermediate processing, these systems contribute to environmental sustainability while ensuring optimal flexo/letterpress plate output.
Productivity in Meters Squared Per Hour
(may vary depending on the media sensitivity)
MODEL FX1524N FX1200N FX870N-S FX870N-E
m2/h 4 to 6 4 to 6 2 to 3 2 to 3


EQUIOS Workflow Solution

SCREEN Equios Workflow Software, the solution to print providers’ efficiency challenges, offers streamlined order processing, enhanced automation, and improved customer relationships, ensuring competitiveness in today’s market.
Key Benefits:
  • Comprehensive Support: Equios supports print on demand, computer-to-plate production, and high-speed variable data printing, covering diverse printing needs and enhancing production efficiency.
  • Enhanced Automation: Equios brings a new level of automation and efficiency, simplifying workflow design and imposition, reducing CO2 generation, and making smart print manufacturing a reality.
  • Advanced RIP Core: Version 9 incorporates Adobe’s latest RIP core, ensuring stable output results, faster processing speeds, and improved productivity, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.
  • Simplified Job Control:The Simple Job Controller feature streamlines job processing, allowing job registration and output instructions to be managed via iPad, significantly improving operational efficiency.
  • Nonstop Processing: Equios enables nonstop processing from order receipt to final submission through Web to Delivery Automation, eliminating unnecessary operations and maximising workflow efficiency, ensuring seamless production flow.

FLEXCEL NX Print Suite

Experience the ultimate in flexible package printing optimisation with the fully integrated Print Suite. With just one subscription, gain exclusive access to cutting-edge innovations tailored for your FLEXCEL NX System. Engineered to address specific application needs, Print Suite enhances efficiencies in high-quality flexographic printing, offering expert guidance and tools to maximise shop benefits. Seamlessly integrated with the FLEXCEL NX System, Print Suite provides streamlined access to optimised print performance features, ensuring the most efficient and consistent production of top-quality results. Start maximising your print capabilities today and enjoy continuous access to future enhancements through an annual subscription.

Key Benefits:
  • Streamlined Access to Optimised Print Performance: The Print Suite seamlessly integrates with the FLEXCEL NX System, providing access to optimised print performance features for efficient and consistent high-quality print results, both now and in the future through an annual subscription.
  • PureFlexo™ Printing Technology: Gain access to PureFlexo Printing, offering unprecedented control over ink spread, resulting in predictable, stable colours and plates that perform at their best on press. This technology enhances efficiencies throughout the flexible packaging value chain, ensuring superior print quality.
  • Expert Guidance and Training: With Print Suite, you’ll receive expert guidance from authorised Miraclon professionals to ensure a smooth start to enhancing your print. Access comprehensive training modules online to optimise your production for every job, with continuous learning opportunities and access to future features included in your subscription.
Vision & Innovation

Thunderbolt provides cutting-edge solutions that promote innovation and industry growth.

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