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Discover Thunderbolt's comprehensive offset printing solutions, featuring industry-leading Komori Offset printers designed to revolutionise lithographic printing in the commercial and packaging print sectors. With Thunderbolt, businesses can access innovative solutions that redefine printing standards, offering unparallelled quality and efficiency. Explore our range of Komori Offset printers to elevate your printing capabilities and achieve exceptional results.

Offset Printing Presses

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Komori, a leading name in offset printing technology, is renowned for its Lithrone Sheetfed Offset Series, which represents the pinnacle of productivity in the industry. As a cornerstone business since its inception, Komori continues to set the standard for lithographic printing with its innovative solutions. Offset printing remains the preferred choice for producing a diverse range of commercial and packaging products, offering high-quality, consistent, and sharp images ideal for applications like books, catalogues, posters, and flyers. With Komori’s expertise and cutting-edge technology, customers can trust in the reliability and excellence of their offset printing solutions.

Lithrone G29 Series

Komori’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of printing technology culminates in the Lithrone G Series, where the renowned Lithrone G29 sheetfed offset press stands as the epitome of innovation. With a legacy of high performance, these machines are meticulously designed to meet the intricate demands of next-generation printing requirements. Offering a blend of cutting-edge features and Komori’s expertise, the G29 ensures exceptional print quality, enhanced productivity, user-friendly operation, and environmental consciousness through power and materials conservation. With a maximum printing speed of 16,500 sph, it guarantees unparallelled stability even when handling heavy stock, ideal for the rising demand for UV printing. Equipped with state-of-the-art systems and automatic functions, these presses facilitate swift makeready, reduced lead times, and adaptability to diverse high-value printing needs, ultimately enhancing customer profitability through reduced job turnaround times, minimised paper waste, and increased value creation. In mature markets, the Lithrone G29 emerges as the indispensable strategic partner for the next phase of business, embodying extraordinary value and cementing its status as a game-changer in the printing industry.

Key Benefits:
  • Exceptional print quality with UltraChrome UV 10-colour inkset
  • High-speed printing capability, reaching up to 16,500 sph
  • Versatility to print on a wide range of media, expanding product offerings
  • Short makeready time and reduced total lead time for enhanced productivity
  • Innovative UV curing system for eco-friendly and economical printing
Lithrone G26

Lithrone G37 Series

Compact yet powerful, the Lithrone G37 emerges as the quintessential solution for short turnaround times, diverse print products, and cost-effective short runs. As a part of the Lithrone G series, it amalgamates functionality and sleek design, offering essential performance tailored to meet modern printing demands. With a maximum sheet size of 640 x 940 mm and the capability to handle sheets up to 37 inches wide, it caters comprehensively to the publishing and commercial printing sectors. Featuring colour management through inclusion of colour bars on sheets with 8-up A4 or American letter size impositions, the G37 ensures exceptional print quality for high page-count products, including international standard A1 posters, with flexible layout criteria. Moreover, its versatility extends to package printing, accommodating sheet thicknesses up to 0.8 mm and configured in 6 or 7 colours with an in-line coater, enabling high-value printing for various applications like packaging, labels, and cards, ultimately aiming at enhanced profitability. With a maximum printing speed of 15,000 sheets per hour and robust operation driven by press automated systems with KHS-AI technology, the Lithrone G37 represents the epitome of high technology machinery, guaranteeing exceptional productivity and consistent financial performance.

Key Benefits:
  • Exceptional print quality and highly precise printing expression
  • Wide range of sheet sizes, including A1-size capability
  • Advanced automation systems for reduced makeready time and increased productivity
  • Handles sheet thicknesses up to 0.8 mm, ideal for packaging printing
  • Environmentally friendly UV curing system with fast-curing H-UV printing
Lithrone G37

Lithrone G40 Series

Introducing the pinnacle of press production, the Lithrone G40 emerges from the esteemed Tsukuba Plant, renowned for its unparallelled commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship. Symbolising Komori’s dedication to sustainability, the ‘G’ in G40 represents its green ethos, exemplifying the fusion of cutting-edge technologies from the LSX40 and the acclaimed features of the LS40. Crafted with Komori’s hallmark precision manufacturing, the G40 guarantees superior print quality and unmatched productivity, while championing eco-friendly practises by reducing consumable and energy usage, thus minimising its carbon footprint. Powered by Komori’s revolutionary KHS-AI technology and boasting a remarkable maximum printing speed of 16,500 sheets per hour, the Lithrone G40 stands as the epitome of high-performance printing machinery, tailored to meet the demands of today’s dynamic printing landscape.

Key Benefits:
  • Environmental responsibility: Promotes green printing by reducing consumable and energy usage
  • Advanced technology: Equipped with KHS-AI integrated control system for enhanced productivity
  • High-speed stability: Maximum printing speed of 16,500 sheets per hour ensures efficient production
  • Exceptional print quality: Precision manufacturing and advanced automation systems deliver unmatched print quality
  • Versatile and flexible: Handles a wide range of sheet sizes and thicknesses, making it ideal for various printing needs
Lithrone G40
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