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For 25 years, Thunderbolt has proudly represented Müller Martini in Southern Africa, offering top-quality print finishing systems to the region. As a pioneering force in the graphic arts industry since 1946, Müller Martini has continuously anticipated market trends and delivered innovative solutions. Their state-of-the-art, highly automated machines, combined with smart connectivity and seamless workflow integration, exemplify excellence in print finishing. Operating under the Finishing 4.0 development strategy, Müller Martini remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for both digital and offset printed products. With a global presence spanning over 20 sales and service companies, 40 agencies, and production sites in Switzerland and Germany, Müller Martini ensures rapid on-site support across all continents, backed by expert knowledge, Swiss engineering, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Saddle Stitching

Primera PRO

Utilising Motion Control technology extensively, refining delivery processes, and enhancing user-friendliness with a redesigned three-knife trimmer, the Primera PRO operates at an impressive 14,000 cycles per hour. This results in notable reductions in setup and throughput times for your tasks, ultimately bolstering profitability. With its exceptional format flexibility and diverse feeder options, the Primera PRO proves to be the optimal saddle stitcher for various product ranges, catering efficiently to both short and extended production runs.

Key Benefits:
  • Motion Control technology for optimised processes
  • Redesigned three-knife trimmer for variable thickness adjustment
  • User-friendly operating concept with intuitive local units and touchscreen
  • Fully automatic trimming and product centring for precise finishing
  • Automation lowers costs and enhances quality with fast, error-free setup processes


With its impressive capability of 9,000 cycles per hour, the Prinova boasts remarkably swift changeover times facilitated by its innovative individual feeder. As a result, it stands out as the optimal saddle stitcher for short production runs while also excelling in handling medium-sized jobs. This versatility grants the Prinova a distinct efficiency edge over other stitchers in its class. Offering a favorable price-performance ratio and rapid return on investment (ROI), the Prinova emerges as the perfect solution for printing houses transitioning or already engaged in both conventional and digital printing methods.

Key Benefits:
  • Efficient production of (Ultra) Short Runs: Capable of 9,000 cycles per hour, ideal for quick job changeovers.
  • Innovative Individual Feeder: Up to 14 feeders with servo drives and tilt functionality for versatile operation.
  • Easy Operation: New user interface with context-based displays and centralised settings adjustment for streamlined processes.
  • Asir Pro Camera System: Error detection system ensures high-quality end products, enhancing customer confidence.
  • Good Price/Performance Ratio: Offers quick ROI and efficiency improvements, suitable for both conventional and digital printing houses.

Prinova Digital

The Prinova Digital saddle stitcher stands out as a remarkable solution for digital saddle stitching available in the market. Operating at a speed of 9,000 cycles per hour, this hybrid stitcher serves not only as an excellent entry-level option for digital saddle stitching but also handles conventionally printed tasks with confidence and reliability. Equipping print shops for future challenges, the Prinova Digital provides a high level of investment security, ensuring readiness for evolving needs.

Key Benefits:
  • Unique performance in digital saddle stitching with shortest make-ready and changeover times.
  • Intuitive operating concept for maximum user-friendliness.
  • State-of-the-art and automated production processes for enhanced efficiency.
  • Flexible system for all production types, including offset, digital, and hybrid.
  • Highly automated saddle stitching with adaptive stitcher and three-knife trimmer for superior quality and performance.

Book Binding


The Alegro perfect binder meets the rigorous demands of offset and digital printing across print runs of any scale, courtesy of its modern and innovative drive and control technologies. Its highly adaptable machine design enables rapid configuration changes to effectively tackle nearly all production demands, which can vary frequently in today’s dynamic environment. With separate drives, reproducible order data, and integration capabilities into workflow systems, the binder ensures not only remarkably short processing times and unparallelled production efficiencies for books but also opens up additional production capacity.

Key Benefits:
  • Exceptional flexibility for quick configuration adjustments and handling diverse production requirements.
  • High degree of automation resulting in unbeatable changeover and setup times.
  • Capable of producing a wide range of book sizes, including A4 landscape in two-up production.
  • Equipped for all conventional and digital binding methods, including hotmelt and PUR.
  • Low maintenance costs due to the elimination of shafts, gear boxes, and chains in its design.

Alegro Digital

The Alegro Digital Perfect Binder offers unparallelled flexibility and efficiency for customised perfect binding needs. Whether it’s digitally or conventionally printed products or hybrid production, the Alegro Digital excels with its Motion Control Technology, allowing precise adjustment of units to product parameters from book to book. With unbeatable changeover times, full automation, and versatile binding methods, including one-shot hotmelt, two-shot hotmelt, cold emulsion, combined binding methods, and PUR, the Alegro Digital ensures exceptional book quality and production speed.

Key Benefits:
  • Utilises Motion Control Technology for precise adjustment to product parameters.
  • Fully automated with complete networking capabilities for seamless operation.
  • Automatically compensates for varying product thickness without operator intervention.
  • Offers unbeatable changeover times for short setup and high production speeds.
  • Versatile binding methods, including one-shot hotmelt, two-shot hotmelt, cold emulsion, combined binding methods, and PUR.

Publica Pro

Introducing the Publica PRO perfect binder, the ultimate solution tailored for industrial production needs, catering to magazines, book blocks, and perfect-bound brochures at speeds of up to 18,000 copies per hour. This fully automatic system integrates a performance-adapted gathering machine and an efficient palletiser, accommodating sheetfed, web-fed, and gravure printing layers with ease. Pioneering several innovations, the Publica PRO introduces the CoPilot system powered by Siemens-NX, boasting an intuitive design and customisable user interface. Swivelling touchscreens enhance user experience, while optimised side gluing, achieved through repositioning the gluing discs, and Robatech-VPN back nozzle gluing, further elevate the binding process.

Key Benefits:
  • New generation with innovative CoPilot system and optimised side gluing.
  • Full automation ensures easy operation and high-speed production.
  • Fast changeover capabilities for efficient production during frequent format changes.
  • Robust construction for durability and investment protection.
  • Features like pneumatic control for pressing rails and automatic chain tensioning system enhance efficiency and minimise downtime.

Vareo Pro

The Vareo PRO emerges as the quintessential perfect binder tailored for print finishing specialists and printing facilities utilising either traditional or digital printing methods. Featuring a three-clamp design capable of mechanical performance reaching up to 1,350 cycles per hour, it offers versatility in loading book blocks manually or automatically. Whether handling medium, short, or ultra-short production runs, including individual copies, the Vareo epitomises adaptability and ensures exceptional binding quality. Notably, it facilitates the binding of individual sheet compositions, allowing for the immediate sale of the first book.

Key Benefits:
  • New graphical user interface for intuitive user guidance
  • Latest control technology for optimised performance and availability
  • Redesigned hotmelt spine roller system for improved flow and temperature behaviour
  • Complete new PUR nozzle system and glue recognition control for efficient PUR application
  • Versatile and efficient gluing and binding methods with options for hotmelt or PUR binding


The Antaro Perfect Binder by Müller Martini offers a compact yet highly reliable solution for perfect binding operations. With its flexible design and capability to integrate with other components like gathering machines and trimmers, the Antaro is suitable for both offset and digital printing applications, achieving a performance of 4000 cycles/hour. Its highly automated processes, top-notch end product quality, and unbeatable variability make it an ideal choice for print finishing operations.

Key Benefits:
  • Compact and flexible design for versatile use
  • Highly automated processes ensure reliability and efficiency
  • Guarantees top-class end products with perfect spine machining
  • Processes various types of book blocks, offering unbeatable variability
  • Modular design allows for easy expansion and adaptation to changing needs

Antaro Digital

The Antaro Digital Perfect Binder by Müller Martini offers a unique solution tailored for digital printing applications, boasting unmatched output capabilities in the OnDemand sector with 2,000 cycles per hour. Its compact design and highly automated processes ensure efficient production with minimal staffing requirements, making it the ideal choice for digital print shops. With features like a continuously running swivel clamp system and a barcode reader for secure book block and cover matching, the Antaro Digital guarantees process-reliable production and top-notch end results.

Key Benefits:
  • Unmatched output rate of 2,000 cycles per hour in the On-Demand sector
  • Highly automated processes ensure efficient production with minimal staffing
  • Continuous swivel clamp system and barcode reader for secure book block and cover matching
  • Compact design with nearline or inline system options to cover various customer requirements
  • Reduced waste and increased productivity with effective cover ejection and storage wheel integration


Introducing the InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer – a cutting-edge solution offering variable sizes and exceptional efficiency. Designed to automatically trim short and ultra-short print runs, regardless of book size or thickness, this innovative trimmer eliminates the need for manual intervention across various production variations, ensuring unparallelled productivity. Its unique trimming concept allows for standalone operation as a hand-fed machine or seamless integration in inline mode. With the InfiniTrim, size changeovers during production no longer require manual adjustments, thanks to automated alignment facilitated by a cross carrier table and infeed wheel. Additionally, size data are imported effortlessly via barcode, eliminating the need for external cutting tables or pressing pads, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Key Benefits:
  • Automatic trimming of short and ultra-short print runs down to one copy for all book sizes and thicknesses
  • Eliminates the need for manual intervention during size changeovers, enhancing operational efficiency
  • Utilises unit drive technology for full format and thickness variability from book to book
  • Ensures perfect trim quality with SmartPress technology, preventing billowing and ensuring clean trims
  • Offers flexibility to individually eliminate trims without changeovers, accommodating various trimming requirements such as brochures with flaps or no trimming at all.


The Granit three-knife trimmer epitomises precision and efficiency in perfect-bound product finishing, leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure superior product quality. With its innovative SmartPress technology, it facilitates highly cost-effective production across diverse applications. This fully automated trimmer streamlines the production process from infeed to delivery, allowing for remarkably short job changeover times. Fine adjustments are effortlessly executed via the central screen of the perfect binder, reflecting the trimmer’s seamless integration and advanced networking capabilities.

Key Benefits:
  • Extremely short setup times for efficient job changeovers
  • Versatile use as a stand-alone machine or integrated into softcover and hardcover lines
  • High availability and low maintenance costs due to servo-controlled axles and sturdy one-piece machine design
  • Consistently excellent trim quality ensured by innovative SmartPress technology
  • Cost-effective production enabled by the Granit’s advanced features and efficient operation.

Solit PRO

Muller Martini introduced the Solit in 2012, pioneering the world’s first three-knife trimmer in the mid-performance segment, featuring patented SmartPress technology for optimal air escape and automated pressing force adjustment, resulting in impeccable trim quality. Now, the Solit PRO represents the pinnacle of technological advancement in three-knife trimming. Retaining the revolutionary SmartPress technology, the Solit PRO boasts a new 4500-cycle trimmer with enhanced features, including a redesigned infeed system with telescopic belt and servo-controlled pusher, ensuring precise and efficient operation. Moreover, innovations such as gate rollers for precise infeed timing and a cover-pressing unit further enhance trimmer performance and reliability. With upgraded motors, control components, and optimised lubrication systems, the Solit PRO sets a new standard in trimmer availability and responsiveness.

Key Benefits:
  • Highest production speeds and shortest make-ready times in its class
  • Innovative SmartPress technology ensures exceptional cut quality
  • Completely redesigned infeed system with telescopic belt and servo-controlled pusher for precise product handling
  • Versatile use for both softcover and hardcover applications
  • Robust, one-piece cast construction ensures maximum rigidity and durability


The Orbit three-knife trimmer, renowned for its robust and innovative technology and fully automated operation, excels particularly in high-performance settings. Ensuring flawless gathering, binding, and gentle conveying, its final cutting process is pivotal in delivering impeccable products. With exceptional power, the trimmer optimises process steps to maximise net output, minimising unproductive downtimes. Its unmatched efficiency is further highlighted by the shortest setup times and the capability to make precise adjustments on the fly, resulting in significant output gains.

Key Benefits:
  • Robust and innovative technology designed for high-performance operations
  • Optimised process steps and exceptional power for high net output and minimal downtime
  • Extremely short setup times and easy operation for efficient job changes and adjustments
  • Decoupled cutting unit ensures optimal trimming speed for consistent high-quality trims
  • SmartPress Technology guarantees excellent trim quality and first-class end products


Ventura MC 160

The Ventura MC 160 thread sewing machine embodies every bookbinder’s aspiration for flawlessly stitched book blocks and accurately positioned signatures, all achieved with maximum efficiency. This compact yet robust machine accommodates all standard sizes and fold types, inheriting the successful features of its acclaimed predecessor, the Ventura MC 200. Operating on the renowned Muller Martini stitching centre, it offers ease of use akin to high-end machines, while maintaining an excellent price-performance ratio. With its unparallelled stitching quality, the Ventura MC 160 transforms the dream of precision bookbinding into reality.

Key Benefits:
  • Patented loop formation and active thread cutting system ensure excellent stitching quality
  • Active thread divider system guarantees tension-free thread trimming between book blocks
  • Wide range of sizes accommodates signatures from 120 to 425 mm in length and 75 to 320 mm in width
  • User-friendly operation with quick job changeover times, suitable for short runs and industrial three-shift operations
  • Excellent price-performance ratio, providing outstanding stitching quality with compact design and innovative features

Ventura MC 200

The Ventura MC 200 Thread Sewing Machine stands as the pinnacle of precision and efficiency in thread sewing, fulfilling every bookbinder’s vision of flawlessly stitched book blocks and precisely positioned signatures, even at peak production speeds. Offering versatility, it accommodates spine lengths from 120 to 510 mm in both single and multiple production runs, with many settings automated for reproducible jobs. Operators benefit from the intuitive commander touch-screen interface, providing quick access to production data. Featuring advanced functionalities such as the two-part sewing saddle, servo-driven signature positioning, and blow air thread loop formation, the Ventura MC 200 ensures unparallelled quality while maintaining economical operation.

Key Benefits:
  • Quality control and VDP-compatibility with MM Vision for reliable signature sequence cheques and variable data printing
  • TWE¦ƎN® option enables sewing of smaller folded signatures (tween signatures) with precision, expanding the machine’s versatility
  • Sample production capability allows quick and reliable production of individual books, such as sample books, with series quality
  • Automatic settings and reproducible jobs ensure efficient operation, making it suitable for high-volume production
  • Commander touch-screen provides operators with a practical and quick overview of production data, enhancing user experience and productivity

Diamant MC Bookline

The Diamant MC Bookline is designed for the production of conventionally and digitally printed books, operating at up to 60 cycles per minute with unparallelled flexibility and quality. With reduced setup times facilitated by the Central Control Unit and Motion Control Technology, operators can efficiently prepare and monitor production via the Telae-Commander with touch screen. Its modular platform allows for individual customer solutions and benefits from synergies with the Diamant MC Digital, ensuring the highest degree of automation and investment protection.

Key Benefits:
  • Reduced setup time through the Central Control Unit and Motion Control Technology
  • Integration with Connex workflow system for streamlined operations and minimised input errors
  • Automated alignment of book blocks to the case ensures the highest level of quality and flexibility
  • Variable thin book rubdown device for precise spine alignment, even with thin books
  • Modular platform allows for individual customer solutions and benefits from synergies with Diamant MC
  • Digital, ensuring investment protection and market-leading automation.

Workflow Software

Connex Workflow

Leverage the Connex workflow modules to optimise your production processes, achieving seamless automation from pre-press to final product assembly. Through integration with the customer’s MIS, LineControl modules facilitate direct data transmission to machines, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Real-time production feedback down to the individual product is enabled by integrating the production line, while Connex Info Cloud modules allow for personalised evaluation and clear display of feedback data. Unlock the full potential of your operations with Connex, maximising efficiency and productivity.

Key Benefits:
  • Automated production steps reduce manual intervention, increasing operational efficiency
  • Seamless integration with MIS systems enables direct transmission of production data to machines
  • Real-time production feedback provides valuable insights for monitoring and evaluation, enhancing overall control and efficiency
Vision & Innovation

Thunderbolt provides cutting-edge solutions that promote innovation and industry growth.

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